Science biscuits…

Science Biscuits cooling on a rack

Just look at these delicious biscuits, waiting to be gobbled up! It's a very light shortbread recipe from the aussie womens weekly books.  Was out of vanilla essence so substituted almond, with tasty results!  They might not look as incredible as I had hoped, but they're very moreish…

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Pfizer being big meanies

Delightful, Pfizer to close their large R&D facility in Sandwich in the UK, with the loss of 2400 jobs.  Given how there's not exactly thousands of jobs going for scientists at the moment, that's gonna be pretty rough for UK science.

Pfizer seem to be getting out of the research game, cutting funding all over the place.  It'll be interesting to see where they stand in ten years time when a lot of their on-patent drugs go off-patent….

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Monday, and no Nature

Disappoinment, as today (a Monday) I came home from college to find a Nature-shaped-absence behind the letterbox.  Hopefully it turns up tomorrow.

In the meantime, is providing my fix.

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